Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It's always good to hear from fellow hikers. Margaret writes from Horton in Ribblesdale about this magnificent peak. It's on the Pennine Way and one of three possible peaks that ardent fellwalkers are invited to climb within 24 hours. At one time I might have been tempted, but now I'd want to maximize the contemplation of views like this.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Adlesthrop Loop in Google Earth

This is a screen save from Google Earth showing the Loop which is the fine white line from Adlesthrop to Chestleton, to Cornwell, to Oddington and back to Adlesthrop. Click the image to get a larger, high-resolution image. If you would like to try to open this loop in Google Earth as a new "Tour" download this kmz file, save it to your desktop and then open it in Google Earth. In your Temporary Places, look for the Adlesthrop tour and then double click it. The tour should begin playing (though be patient while it loads). It will move between the villages. Alternatively, and if you can click here taking you to a page containing a browser-embedded player of the short tour. I have put the embedded tour version on another page to avoid the computer tie-up during the short downloads. (You'll see what I mean. This is a very promising application, but still needs some refinement.)

Cotswold Garden

Profusion of flower-color.

Two Windows

Bright Aisle - Take Two

(See the stained glass window in the distance?)

Textured Stones

Church Yard and Tombstones

(With the characteristic "tilt".)

Great Houses - Adlesthrop Walk

Chastelton House