Monday, May 18, 2009

From Robin Hood's Bay to Hawsker

This hike is from the village of Robin Hood's Bay to a small (very small) village called High Hawsker. I was interested in this hike not only because of the absolutely spectacular coastline to it, but because it overlaps the end of the Wainwright Coast-to-Coast (though in reverse).

The c2c ends at the water (Waypoint 191) in Robin Hood's Bay village. But it comes via Hawsker and the reverse of my route. It doesn't proceed through Whitby but rather from the west. I got a good sense of what it would be like to come into Robin Hood's Bay, but not, of course, the two weeks leading up to that. Figure about 16-18 miles a day. The loop at Robin Hood's Bay was about 10 miles. I added about 4.5 miles on the extension to Hawsker for 14.5 miles. This is "lite" for a typical day on the c2c, so some endurance build-up would be necessary. (Hawsker, by the way, is right in the middle of the map thumbnail. I got a ride from there into Whitby - my lucky day - otherwise it would have been another 4 hard, but spectacular, miles into Whitby, finishing at the Abbey.)

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